Jian Feng plastic machinery of all leaders and staff will be tireless spirit of innovation opened new career journey. We are dedicated, we are pursuing. Facing the sun shining, we're marching on the road to "efficiency first, thinking of the future today" core values a long-term perspective, adhere to the "simultaneous corresponding, shanqiyingren" business ethics, create an external network harmony and strict internal control of enterprise environment, for the company's going to provide an inexhaustible energy.
    Time in advance, market change, enterprises in the development. Grasp the development trend and tempo of the times, we have implemented "based in Liaoning, into rivers and the sea, to the world," market strategy, focusing on business, do better and stronger, to promote the company high quality sustainable development.
    We are always grateful, it is because of community support and love of friends, we have today's success and confidence, steps forward and therefore more and more solid, more and more powerful. At this point, I sincerely all employees of his company, to give winger warmly support, friendship and cooperation between the new and old friends from all walks of life to express my sincere thanks! And sincerely look forward to friends JD instruments, as always, care and support.
    We are eager to cooperate and win. Competition and cooperation in today's society, both opportunities and challenges, we not only take part in the competition, we will pursue collaboration with partners through thick and thin, and seek common development.